Toronto FVM Open Hack Day 2023

On February 25th, 2023, FilSwan and Filecoin Orbit hosted the Toronto FVM Open Hack Day, an 8-hour hackathon with bounties and exciting challenges for developers interested in the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM). As one of the ten global hackathon events for FVM, the event attracted more than 30 hackers in eight teams who joined us in Toronto to hack and build on FVM.

Introduction to FVM Hack Day 2023 and Welcome to attendees

To ensure that the participants had a solid understanding of FVM, FilSwan held multiple session themes before the hacking began, starting with Understanding FVM and Filecoin storage deal-making flow, setting up lotus nodes and creating Filecoin storage deals with FEVM actors. Our developers were also available to help resolve any technical difficulties the hackers encountered during the event.

A productive discussion session between Team FilSwan and developers

To provide the participants with a better understanding of the potential of FVM, FilSwan organized productive demo sessions on FilSwan FEVM use cases, including the MultiChain Storage demo and Lagrange DAO live introduction. In addition, networking sessions were also held, allowing the developers to connect and share valuable experiences.

The event wrapped up with presentations by the attendees, where they described their projects and received feedback from experienced developers to improve their efforts.

Meysam from Team-3 presenting his Project

FVM is a runtime environment for smart contracts, also called actors, on the Filecoin network. It brings smart contracts to Filecoin, the world’s largest open-access storage network. The FVM protocol upgrade can potentially enlarge the Filecoin economy and increase the usefulness of its block space. Furthermore, with FVM, developers can write software interacting with Filecoin’s state to build a new range of products and services.

The Toronto FVM Open Hack Day 2023 was a great success, and we want to thank everyone who joined us. We hope the event has given the developers the knowledge and tools to build exciting new applications on the Filecoin network.

Team FilSwan with Attendees of the FVM Hack Day 2023

Thanks to Filecoin Orbit for their support to this event. See you next time!

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