Three FilSwan Products were Selected into the FILECOIN DATA ONBOARDING Recommended List

Filecoin Data Onboarding, the official storage platform of Filecoin, recently launched a recommended list — Solution Discovery — of storage tools. FilSwan’s three major software,, FilSwan Client Portal (Swan Client) and FS3, were officially selected and recommended. expands distributed storage resources to Polygon, BNB Chain and other chains through cross-chain storage. FilSwan Client Portal (Swan Client) provides storage services and finds suitable storage providers to ensure multiple backups with the help of the automatic bidding system. FS3 is a bridge connecting S3 and FIL that is API compatible with Amazon’s S3 cloud storage service for the Filecoin network.

With the three software and their SDKs, FilSwan provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use, safe and affordable distributed storage solution for ordinary users, Web3 developers, and business users.

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