Testnet Results Announcement & Event Review — FilSwan Incentivized Proton Testnet

Thanks again to all community members participated in the FilSwan Incentivized Proton Testnet. We are pleased to announce the final results here.

Testnet Statistics

Total files uploaded: 298461

Number of users: 4839

Total file storage: 277759.51098728 G

Number of orders received by the storage service providers: 12107

Total number of NFTs minted: 80363

The Proton Testnet has gained good results, with the number of participants, files uploaded, and NFTs minted reached over 7 times the quantity of the previous Electron Testnet, which has exceeded our expectations. Thanks again for your participation!

Reward Distribution Rules

The reward is divided into 3 parts:

1. For Top 3 Users

  • 1st place: 40 FIL
  • 2nd place: 30 FIL
  • 3rd place: 15 FIL

2. For Top 3 Storage Service Providers

  • 1st place: 50TB Datacap
  • 2nd place: 35TB Datacap
  • 3rd place: 15TB Datacap

3. The total 500,000 Swan credits are divided into two parts: 350,000 for users and 150,000 for storage service providers.

For the detailed rules of the reward distribution, please refer to the formulas provided in our Testnet announcement: https://filswan.medium.com/announcing-filswan-incentivized-proton-testnet-f6f3e1708170

Proton Testnet Results


Users and storage service providers could search by wallet address or miner id to check your ranking, total score, and Swan credits. https://mcs-reward.filswan.com/%C2%A0#/dashboard/swan_credit

Top 3 Winners (User Track & Storage Service Provider Track)

We have already announced the top three winners for both tracks on our twitter:

How to Claim the Rewards?

Due to the related legal policies of the countries and regions, users/storage service providers need to provide us supplementary information for receiving Datacap/FIL or claim credits, please understand.

Good to know: The deadline for claiming rewards is July 15, 2022, 00:00 (UTC)

  1. How to claim Fil? (for TOP 3 Users)

Enter: https://mcs-reward.filswan.com/%C2%A0#/dashboard/claim

Connet your MetaMask

Fill in your Filcoin Wallet Address, Email, Name, and Country, and submit. The reward will be distributed to your account later.

2. How to claim Datacap? (for TOP3 Storage Service Providers)

The top3 storage service providers participated in the Testnet need to fill in the Google form. Submitting the form correctly is regarded as the completion of the claim. If the form is not filled out before the deadline, it will be regarded as giving up the Datacap reward.

Google form link: https: https://forms.gle/3BXLzcddqSnHahxs8

Good to know: The deadline for claiming rewards is July 15, 2022, 00:00 (UTC)

3. How to claim your Swan credits? (for ALL Participants)

Good to know: We will announce the rules for the exchange of Tokens at an appropriate time. Please wait patiently.

User Claim

Click the link below, connect your Metamask, fill in your Email, Name, and Country, and submit.


Storage Service Provider Claim

Fill in the Google form as required and submit:


Good to know: The deadline for claiming rewards is July 15, 2022, 00:00 (UTC)


Please truthfully fill in your information. In case of misconduct such as fraud, we have the right to disqualify the award. The FilSwan team reserves the right to maintain discretion with respect to awards as part of legal and compliance requirements.

Address Not Found on the Leaderboard

Some users reported that their wallet addresses were not displayed on the leaderboard. Therefore, we collected the addresses and investigated. The scenarios could mainly be divided into four types.

  1. Uploaded files before the Testnet started
  2. Uploaded files after the Testnet ended
  3. Have not completed the payment after uploaded files
  4. Used the wrong link (https://calibration-mcs.filswan.com/) for the Testnet

We feel sorry for those participants under the the first three occasions. Since the that does not meet our Testnet requirements, we cannot distribute rewards to you. Please understand. And in the last occasion, some users used our calibration network rather than the formal version. We’re working on providing a reasonable compensation to you, please wait for our notification.

For community members who missed the Proton Testnet due to various reasons, do not be discouraged. We will continue to carry out more incentivized activities at appropriate time. Please stay tuned.

Thanks again for your attention to FilSwan. Follow us, and don’t miss our next event.

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