Swan Platform: the Cornerstone of the Distributed Storage Market

As Web3 develops and the application scenarios of Metaverse expand, data storage will be a necessity in the near future. For the Filecoin network, the storage of real data is an unstoppable trend. Although the proportion of real data stored in the Filecoin network is relatively small at present, Filecoin still ranks first in Web3 storage. With its reputation and competitive storage fee, Filecoin has been preferred by many projects.

At present, it is hard to find simple and convenient tools to help store Web3 or Web2 data onto the Filecoin network. Moreover, seeking suitable storage service providers has been a problem encountered by many developers that cannot be ignored.

Filswan brings both storage users and storage providers into one single space through the Swan Platform. The Platform facilitates the process of real data storage by storage providers and satisfies users’ storage needs.

FilSwan Auction System and Reputation System

The Auction System, Web3 Automated Deal Matching, and Reputation System of the Swan Platform combined formed the basis for Filswan to provide storage services for users.

The Reputation System can conduct a comprehensive evaluation of various parameters of the nodes and the performance of storage providers. It integrates the data storage task history, geographical location, failure rate, and others aspects of storage providers to perform mathematical weighting. All possible factors influencing deal-sending, deal-importing, and data storage are considered in the overall evaluation. The quantitative evaluation score reflects the genuine level of storage service providers, and therefore helps with users’ choice-making in keeping them away from the hassle of seeking stable storage provider nodes.

The score of Storage Service Providers and their storage capability

The Auction System and Automated Deal Matching solve the problem that users cannot fully understand the performance of each storage service provider due to limited information, and the problem that the storage service provider market is opaque due to the diverse needs of users for storage scenarios. Through the Autobid function of the Auction System, users can hand over storage tasks to the Swan Platform for deal matching and bidding. Or users can also conduct manual bidding to designate storage service providers for data storage.

What is Automated Deal Matching? After storage providers set auto-bid mode to automatically receive deals, the Reputation System allows the Swan Platform to pair the suitable storage provider to import deals sent by users, download data, and write to sectors, etc. The Automated Deal Matching ensures that the whole process is automatic, which greatly improves storage providers’ efficiency.

The market matcher program distributes the order following a Lambda distribution, which means that even if the score of the storage provider is low, s/he is still able to get some deals.

View your tasks in real time with the visualized page of the Swan Platform

Up to now, the number of storage providers registered on Swan Platform has reached 1,891, with daily active storage providers of 1,000 serving for real data storage.

Swan Platform provides users with a visualized web page to instantly view and monitor the status of storage deals and historical tasks, which facilitates the management of deals by storage service providers and users.

Users can directly create storage deal tasks on the Swan Platform by uploading the task information. And storage service providers can also view their deals and node scores on the Swan Platform.

In addition, users could also take the advantage of FS3 on the Swan Platform. FS3 is API compatible with Amazon S3 cloud storage service for the Filecoin network. It helps users transfer data from S3 to FS3 seamlessly. And it also includes functions such as storage service payment and automatic data backup and recovery. FS3 provides a stable, safe, and cheap distributed storage solution, which is an ideal choice for users with large dataset storage needs.

The combination of Swan Platform and multichain.storage

Swan Platform obtains deals from users of Swan Client and the multichain.storage application, and then sends them to the Swan Provider for storage. When using multichain.storage to store files, the multichain.storage node will integrate the files of multiple users into one CAR file. This makes it easier to store smaller image files, saving resources and improving efficiency.

For multichain.storage deals, the Reputation System of Swan Platform will select suitable storage providers with Auto-bid mode opened. And 5 premium storage providers will be chosen for the storage of each CAR file. Then the storage process of multichain.storage data in the Filecoin network is completed.

In terms of storage fees, through Chainlink oracles and the locking of tokens in on-chain smart contracts, multichain.storage supports USDC payment for file storage. Through the smart contract, the storage fee will be swapped to FIL, and be paid to the storage service provider. Filswan does not charge service fees during this process and will refund the additional charge caused by FIL price fluctuations to users.


Swan Platform is the core of Filswan’s storage services. Through the Platform, many functions of FilSwan’s products, including Swan Client, multichain.storage, Swan Provider, and FS3, could be realized. And on the basis of that, a stable, convenient, safe, and cheap distributed storage service for Web3 could be provided to you.

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