Pocket Network Is Accelerating FilSwan’s Multichain Strategy

FilSwan has integrated Pocket Network’s service to provide easy, fast, and reliable storage with Filecoin’s decentralized network

FilSwan integrated with Pocket Network (POKT) recently, and will enable FilSwan’s core product multichain.storage to access RPC service for 13 blockchains. FilSwan is a layer-3 cross-chain solution that helps Web3 projects to integrate data, computing, bandwidth, and payment into one suite. With the support of Pocket Network, Filswan can provide customers with a more efficient and decentralized backend platform.

FilSwan: A Storage and Computing Solution Provider for Web3

FilSwan is aimed at providing Web3 users with turn-key solutions for storage and computing. Currently, the storage solution is built on the IPFS and Filecoin network. FilSwan is a key player in the Filecoin Orbit program, an early builder in the FVM developer community, and a repeat R&D grant winner to build the Filecoin ecosystem. In September 2022, FilSwan deployed its multichain.storage product on the Polygon Mainnet and also worked on supporting BNB Chain and other payment methodologies. Integrating with Pocket Network will accelerate FilSwan bridging to more payment chains.
Many positive recommendations about Pocket Network led us to evaluate the RPC service tools and we decided that Pocket Network most reliable and easy-to-access tool of RPClist. That’s why we integrated Pocket Network RPClist and support the community with more than thirteen blockchains.
— Said Charles Cao, the founder and CEO of FilSwan, and Filecoin Ambassador.

How FilSwan Powers Decentralized Multichain Storage Using Pocket Network

FilSwan product, Multichain.storage, provides users with a payment method on Polygon and BSC chain. With the integration with the Pocket network through Swan Client, multichain.storage can potentially support up to 13 blockchains.  The Pocket network service also simplified the process of storage onboarding and deployment. The original modules require each blockchain with one or more external service providers. Now, our product has a one-for-all RPC module to fulfill all requests.

About Pocket Network

Pocket Network is the most reliable provider of decentralized RPC service. Pocket supports dozens of different blockchains, and services more than 1 billion data relays per day. Pocket Network includes more than 25,000 globally distributed nodes, which service RPC requests from applications in return for rewards in Pocket’s native token, POKT. Pocket Network is also guided by the Pocket DAO, one of the most engaged and impactful DAOs in all of Web3.

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About FilSwan

FilSwan is incubated by Binance Labs, a member of Start-up-with-Chainlink and a spaceship in the Filecoin Orbit program. FilSwan is a layer-3 cross-chain solution that helps Web3 projects to integrate data, computing, bandwidth, and payment into one suite.

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