New Release: Swan Client v2.1.0 & Swan Provider v2.1.0 now available!

The FilSwan engineering team recently conducted an upgrade to the Swan Client and Swan Provider. The new versions, Swan Client v2.1.0 and Swan Provider v2.1.0, are now available for use. We extend a cordial invitation to users with storage requirements and storage providers to utilize the latest iteration of our products to enhance the storage experience. Please find below a detailed overview of the updates made in this release.

Swan Client v2.1.0

Swan Client v2.1.0 is a breakthrough version that supports sending deals using MARKET Version 1.2(as Boost did). All storage clients can create manual-bid tasks, and add the CLI meta-car to process the source files.

Note: If you set [main].market_version = "1.1", you can send deals to storage providers who are using MARKET Version 1.1(Lotus) or MARKET Version 1.2(Boost). But it is DEPRECATION, and will REMOVE SOON.

For the Blockchain RPC service, you can add your own RPC endpoints, because the blockchain RPC endpoints have been defined with a JSON file.

Besides, some bug fixes, new features, and improvements have been merged. You can leave any feedback, report bugs, and create an issue here.

New Features

Improvements & Bug Fixes

Dependency Updates


Swan Provider v2.1.0

Swan Provider v2.1.0 supports storage providers to import deals by using market_version = 1.2(Boost) and from multiple directories. It also enables them to config their ask using the set-ask command.

Note: when storage providers set market_version = 1.2(Boost) to import deals, they can receive the deals from clients who are using market_version = 1.1(Lotus) and market_version = 1.2(Boost).

It includes many new bug fixes, new features, and improvements. You can leave any feedback, report bugs, and create an issue here.

New Features

  • Aria2: import deals from multiple directories at the same time(filswan/go-swan-provider#184)
    • New configuration [aria2]. aria2_candidate_dirs = ["/tmp"].
[lotus] client_api_token = "" 

market_version = "1.2"

collateral_wallet = ""                   
publish_wallet = ""
swan-provider set-ask --price=0 --verified-price=0 --min-piece-size=256 --max-piece-size=34359738368

Improvements & Bug Fixes

Dependency Updates

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