MULTICHAIN.STORAGE: Make Distributed Storage a Standard of Public Chains

Recently, the Filecoin development team Protocol Labs announced that it will join forces with AMD, Seagate, Ernst & Young, and others, to announce the establishment of a decentralized storage alliance. The broad application prospects brought by distributed storage in Web3 have been valued by industry giants. And FilSwan, dedicated to the development of distributed storage, will gain huge opportunities from it.

Distributed storage is a rite of passage for the Internet development

Data is the basis for the prosperity of the Internet. Every message we send, every web page we browse, and every video we watch is data flowing on the Internet. In Web1 and Web2, storage and computing resources were precious. A centralized storage method was adopted to save resources and improve efficiency. On the one hand, the rapid development of the Internet industry has made the transmission of information more convenient, provided abundant information for us, and a number of Internet giants arose in the process. On the other hand, however, it has also brought about the danger of privacy data plundering.

The arrival of Web3 started the war against centralized storage, and Internet users came to realize the necessity of protecting their own data and privacy. Distributed data storage will become a popular way to allow fair access to public data as well as prevent data from being maliciously tampered with. FilSwan will be an important member to accelerate the progress of distributed storage, bringing new changes to Web3, and promoting the development of more distributed storage applications based on FilSwan. promotes the integration of different public chain data

When we are excitedly discussing that Web3 can break the silo of the Internet, more and more public chains as well as their ecological development are also forming new silos. However, a cross-chain data storage solution can subtly resolve this issue. When it comes to cross-chain, usually we refer to the cross-chain of tokens. To realize the cross-chain storage of data, however, different public chains must establish their own distributed storage projects to serve the storage needs of their ecosystems. The inconvenience actually limits the application scenarios of Web3 data.

FilSwan’s, through calling cross-chain data storage resources, help store data from different public chains onto the Filecoin network, facilitating the application of data on various chains in the Web3 world. is a cross-chain storage tool developed by FilSwan. It can be used to store public chain data onto the Filecoin network and at the same time help users retrieve and access data through IPFS. It is a convenient and easy-to-use choice for dApp developers and users with distributed data storage needs. provides a solution to the needs of different public chains for calling distributed storage resources, enabling data generated by Web3, Metaverse, and various applications to be stored more securely. With, different dApps are connected, the distributed storage resources calling process is simplified, the ecosystem of different dApps will be enriched, and more practical features for cross-chain data storage are reachable.

multichain.stroage’s supporting more public chains will be the next goal of FilSwan

The prosperous development of the blockchain has made the rise of Web3 an expectation of the public. In a world where multiple chains coexist with each other, communication between different chains will become the next focus of industry development. The mission of is to support more public chains and bring distributed storage into the public chain ecosystem.

Before was deployed to the Polygon mainnet in September, FilSwan’s dev team had already started the development of for supporting BNB chain and has made a series of progress. We are doing internal testing of it on the BNB chain testnet and will officially announce the deployment soon.

In the future, and according to our planning, will support more chains including Arbitrum, Aptos, and will enlarge the currently monthly 10 GB of free storage space for you to store more of your valuable data. Please stay tuned.

Moreover, can help users protect their data ownership by storing data in a distributed manner. The right to use the data does not belong to a public chain or an Internet giant. Users are the masters of their own data. They can bring their data to any public chain for use.

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