Multichain Storage deployed on the Polygon Mainnet: make a difference to the blockchain

The deployment of FilSwan’s Multichain Storage on the Polygon mainnet is a small step for the blockchain industry, and a big step for FilSwan. The industry will usher in a new chapter from token cross-chain to resource cross-chain, in which Multichain Storage is the first project to realize the cross-chain storage of resources. FilSwan, an infrastructure to Web3, will make a difference to the DApp data storage in the blockchain industry.

Reduces the difficulty of storing data onto the Filecoin network

For most Web3 projects, storing data on IPFS is the current mainstream approach. Nevertheless, data security cannot be ensured. The ideal approach is to store on both IPFS and Filecoin. However, the process of data storage on Filecoin is relatively complex, with high requirements for both DApp developers and ordinary users. In this respect, FilSwan provides a solution that can help simplify the storage process and lower the requirements.

The official deployment of Multichain Storage on the Polygon mainnet means that ordinary users can directly store data onto the Filecoin network by a simple step of connecting their Metamask wallet. Developers and users do not have to worry about the development difficulty and operational complexity when storing data onto the Filecoin network.

Prospers the DApp ecosystem

For developers in the Polygon ecosystem, the deployment of Multichain Storage on the Polygon mainnet makes DApp storage more convenient, secure, and economical, which is of great significance to the applications in the Polygon ecosystem such as GameFi, Metaverse applications, and more. Multichain Storage is a competitive solution for decentralized storage of application data on the Polygon chain.

FilSwan provides Web3 and Multichain Metaverse DApp developers with corresponding SDKs to design products that meet different application scenarios.

The Importance of Multichain Storage to FilSwan

The deployment of Multichain Storage on the Polygon mainnet is also of great significance to FilSwan. FilSwan has successively developed Swan-Client, Swan-Provider and FS3 for professional distributed data storage users, storage providers and traditional Web2 users who need to transfer their data to a distributed environment. The products of FilSwan could basically cover most Web2 and Web3 users with distributed storage requirements.

Multichain Storage fills the gap in the needs of decentralized application developers and ordinary users for distributed storage and broadens FilSwan’s layout in the distributed storage sector. It helps FilSwan stay ahead in the industry.

Distributed storage is the starting point, not the end

As Web3, Metaverse, privacy, and edge computing develop, the emergence of more and more application scenarios will increase the demand for resources such as storage and computing. One of the main factors restricting the development of DApps is the resource invocation problem. It’s unlikely to see that each public chain has its own storage facilities or computing nodes because it will increase the development intricacy and difficulty of the public chain. Therefore, to realize the cross-chain storage resources invocation to the public chain in need is a necessity.

From now on, Multichain Storage can achieve that invocation to the Polygon network. And similarly, FilSwan will provide in the future more cross-chain services of computing resources, rendering resources, and others. The development of ecosystems including Web3, Metaverse, GameFi, and more, will be greatly promoted. Moreover, the implementation principle of these resources will be consistent with that of Multichain Storage, and therefore DApp developers could invocate through a unified interface.

For FilSwan, the deployment of Multichain Storage on the Polygon mainnet is a brand new beginning. FilSwan will continue to work on the construction of cross-chain service facilities for basic network resources and provide more and more stable decentralized services to help make a difference in the blockchain industry.

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