Go-Swan-Provider 2.0.0 is Released!

According to the feedback from community storage providers. FilSwan has recently improved and modified the functions on the basis of Go-Swan-Provider 2.0.0-RC1, and now release the official version of Go-Swan-Provider 2.0.0. You are welcome to update and experience the new version!

New features

1️. Aria2: delete the useless CAR file automatically(filswan/go-swan-provider#156)

  • new config, [aria2].aria2_auto_delete_car_file=true, can help you delete the CAR file after the deal becomes StorageDealActive or StorageDealError, default: false.

2. Aria2: Config for parallel download counts (filswan/go-swan-provider#167)

  • new config, [aria2].aria2_max_downloading_tasks=10, can limit the number of concurrent download tasks using Aria2 and make full use of the bandwidth resources of the local node.

3. Aria2: Automatically skip downloading existing CAR files, which means that users can prepare the CAR files in advance, and then send and accept deals. Therefore the automation of offline deals could be realized.

Moreover, there are also improvements made and bugs fixed in the 2.0.0 version. You are welcome to check and use it.

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About Swan-Provider

Swan Provider is an offline deal tool designed by FilSwan for Filecoin storage service providers. Storage service providers can use Swan Provider to accept users’ storage deals on the Swan Platform and get corresponding data storage fees. Users can send a deal through Swan Client, or upload files through MCS. And FilSwan will collect the uploaded files and send deals for the storage service providers to accept.

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