FilSwan Concludes a Successful Gitcoin Funding Round

FilSwan — Decentralized Storage and Computing DAO network

FilSwan is so grateful to announce a successful Gitcoin matching round with more than CAD $4033’s lifetime contribution funding from over 300 contributors! We would like to say a big thank you to all of those who have contributed!

This grant is for FilSwanDecentralized Storage and Computing DAO network. It’s not only about getting funds from the contributors, but also about unlocking the real value of Web 3.0 products and solutions. Your contribution will help us get there faster!

FilSwan’s Gitcoin Grant

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About FilSwan Network DAO

With FilSwan’s Network DAO governance technologies, you can make one payment for all the services, and has a cross-chain resource-proof.

  • Scanner iterates the web3 blockchains information and broadcasts the resource on-chain proof through chainlink oracle technology
  • Dex wrapped token swap Swan token for the target Web3 resource
  • User pay swan token for the web3 he needs
  • The user deployed his product to web3 with swan SDK
  • Smart contract locked the fund until the proof onchain
  • Different web3 service provider get their payment

About FilSwan

In just under two years, FilSwan has established itself as one leading builder in the Filecoin ecosystem. FilSwan provides a layer 2 cross-chain solution for Web3 projects by integrating data, computing, and payment into one suite.

FilSwan is a member of the first Filecoin Star Ambassador program, a leader in the FVM developer community, and a repeated R&D grant winner to build the Filecoin ecosystem. Additionally, we are now a data provider that offers Chainlink Oracle service for the Filecoin Network.

Thanks for being with us during the development of FilSwan products. When we look back, it’s easy to see we’ve come a long way and our purpose is to continue as fast as we can to provide the best products & solutions to Web 3 users.

FilSwan Team

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