FilSwan storage tool Swan Provider and Swan Client are officially recommended by Filecoin

Filecoin, the world’s largest distributed storage network, incorporates FilSwan products Swan Provider and Swan Client into its official docs. Before this, FilSwan’s tools FilSwan Client Portal (Swan Client),, and FS3 were selected into the Filecoin Data Onboarding recommendation list. And this is a further approbation for our tools and products by the Filecoin official.

Three of our products were displayed on the Filecoin Data Onboarding recommendation list
FilSwan’s Client software is officially recommended by Filecoin

Based on the distributed storage ecosystem, FilSwan has developed a number of tools in the past two years, including, Swan Client, Swan Platform, Swan Provider, and FS3, and has become an important development team in the Filecoin ecosystem. FilSwan has won the favor of a large number of users, and cooperated with many scientific research institutes, universities and other institutions to promote real data storage in the Filecoin network and the development of Web3.

What are Swan Provider and Swan Client?

Swan Provider is a storage-deal-accepting tool developed by FilSwan for storage service providers to get real data deals from data storage clients. The Swan Platform of FilSwan will help analyze the storage service provider’s historical deal performance, rank them by score, and use the score as the basis for distributing the number of deals to storage providers. In this way, the stability and efficiency of data storage can be effectively improved.

The Swan Provider is an easy-to-use tool for storage service providers. It supports multiple deal-accepting modes and can be applied to various application scenarios. It supports automatic deal-receiving through the use of auto-bid mode and is therefore favored by many Filecoin storage service providers.

Swan Provider is one of the key tools launched by FilSwan, and FilSwan is constantly updating and iterating to introduce more convenient and easy-to-use functions for storage service providers. As of the end of October, the number of active storage nodes using Swan Provider has reached more than 1,000. Moreover, Swan Provider also provides a huge amount of Datacap for storage service providers, which is a further incentive for them.

Swan Client is a data storage tool developed by FilSwan for commercial users who have a large amount of data storage and backup needs. Users can easily store data on the Filecoin network through Swan Client by taking advantage of Swan Client.

Users can propose deals through the Swan Client. The Auction System of Swan Platform will match high-quality storage service providers for these deals and helps the completion of the storage process.

The cheap distributed storage fee on Filecoin has attracted the attention of many big data enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities and web3 projects. Swan Client liberates users from various tedious storage steps and makes distributed storage much easier.

Rich tools bring prosperity to the Filecoin ecosystem

An ecosystem with multiple tools is crucial in safeguarding Filecoin’s development. Ethereum could be taken as an example. In addition to their official full-node software, there are many teams contributing different full-node programs, which reduces the impact of single-node failure and ensures the normal operation of the network.

Similarly, as the largest distributed storage project, although Filecoin provides the deal-proposing and deal-accepting features, other teams are still needed to develop more tools and software for users and storage service providers.

FilSwan is dedicated to providing users with reliable services and has been chosen and used by more and more users and storage providers. FilSwan’s storage toolset liberates you from the harassment of various data storage steps, brings you a simple, reliable and easy-to-use experience, and reduces the difficulty of distributed data storage.

The Filecoin ecosystem craves more users and developers. For FilSwan, to be recommended in the official docs of Filecoin proves our technical capabilities and reveals our emphasis on customer needs. FilSwan welcomes more users and storage providers to experience our tools and give your valuable suggestions in the community.

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