FilSwan Raises $3M USD to Revolutionize & Simplify Building dApps


FilSwan, a cross-chain infrastructure for web3, is pleased to disclose three million US dollar fundraisings. FilSwan provides services that integrate data, computing, bandwidth, and payment into one suite for Web3 projects.

Many strategic investors in the web3 industry back FilSwan. The latest SAFT round was led by Binance Labs and SNZ holdings; other investors include Waterdrip Capital, FBG Capital, Protocol Labs, Unicorn Hunter Ventures, Chain Capital, LD Capital, Cabin VC, Betterverse Dao, and DAO Kondr VC. In addition, the team received funding support from the Filecoin Foundation and Chainlink.

As one of the most active spaceships in the Filecoin Orbit program, FilSwan is also an alumnus of the Binance Labs incubator and Startup-with-Chainlink program.

FilSwan recently announced the first cross-chain product,, successfully launched on the Polygon mainnet. Integrated with Chainlink’s external adapter and price feed technology, the product enables the user to pay IPFS/Filecoin storage by Polygon stablecoin. It successfully lowers the operation bar and simplifies the dApps development process in Web3 storage.

The fund we raised will greatly support our product development and user acquisition. Launching on Polygon mainnet is a milestone of the multichain metaverse. We are working on the BNB Chain integration to enable the developers in the BNB Chain ecosystem to enjoy the benefits of Aptos and Sui are also on our roadmap; besides the payment channels, we are also working on the computing products. A new project on decentralized data science, Lagrange DAO, is incubated by FilSwan and kicked off on Hack FEVM – ETHGlobal.

FilSwan Founder, Charles Cao.

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