FilSwan Provides Storage Solutions for Large Datasets

As artificial intelligence and big data develop, we are becoming aware of the importance of data in promoting technology development, among which large-scale datasets have become the key constituent. To better store large-scale datasets, distributed storage provides us with a new solution.

Datasets: The Ladder of Technology Progress

Datasets are an important tool to promote the progress of modern science and technology. At present, most datasets around the globe are still stored on centralized servers in the form of cloud storage, including many public datasets. These public datasets are vital in providing information for different industries and research institutes; however, their storage security and stability have been questioned.

Public datasets are accessible resources for all human beings. Many of them can be freely used by us. However, for most commercial cloud storage services, storing large-scale public datasets is often costly. It’s difficult for storage providers to benefit from it and the service quality is not ideal. Moreover, the traditional cloud storage services are centralized, meaning once a service failure occurs or access is denied due to competition and other factors, the project using the datasets such as a scientific research plan will likely be interrupted and experience great loss.

Distributed Storage Becomes the New Trend in Dataset Storage

Luckily, distributed storage could solve the security and instability problem. FilSwan brings distributed storage to large-scale datasets and provides support for scientific research with its tools.

FilSwan’s FS3 can help move large-scale datasets from mainstream cloud storage services to Filecoin’s distributed storage network. Also, the datasets can be stored through another product of FilSwan, the Swan Client. The storage incentives and punishment mechanism of the Filecoin network can ensure that these important data will not fail when acquired by the public, ensuring the stability and security of data storage.

For those who use datasets for scientific research, data stored in a more peripheral location could facilitate their data access, calculation, and AI training. Filecoin Foundation formulated incentives for the migration of large-scale datasets to the Filecoin network, such as the temporary incentive plan Project Gravity.

Compared with Amazon S3, the cost for Filecoin storage is relatively low, and users can apply for Datacap quotas to store their public datasets, which further lowers the storage spending. For storage providers, they could use the Swan Provider of FilSwan to accept real data storage deals and get 10 times the computing power as a reward.

Filswan Provides Complete Tools and Solutions for Large-scale Datasets Storage

FilSwan’s products, Swan Platform, Swan Client, Swan Provider, and FS3 provide complete solutions and tools for large-scale datasets storage. FS3 facilitates the process of migrating large-scale datasets to the Filecoin network, enabling complete backup of buckets. Swan Client enables users to send real data storage deals. And storage providers can accept the deals through Swan Provider. The whole storage process of the large-scale datasets is therefore completed, and everyone can get access to and download these datasets through Lotus.

The link presents examples of machine learning using data stored through FilSwan’s

FilSwan has so far provided large-scale datasets storage services for many scientific research institutions and universities, such as the 3,000 Rice Genomes Project. And we have also completed the datasets storage of Fly-Brain-Anatomy, Waymo, and GnomAD through the Slingshot competition. FilSwan is fully capable of helping with the distributed storage of large-scale datasets.

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