FilSwan Officially Deployed on the Polygon Mainnet!

Today, we are pleased and excited to announce that, the core product of FilSwan, has been successfully deployed on the Polygon mainnet! Next, we will constantly optimize and iterate on product functions to meet the storage needs of both developers and users for trusted Web3 data storage.

FilSwan realizes the cross-chain storage of data through the cross-chain storage payment solution While ensuring a safe migration and storage of Web3 data in a decentralized environment, also greatly reduces the operating difficulty and simplifies the implementation process of Web3 storage by DApps. It is a valuable bridge between trusted data and long-term storage in the Web3 ecosystem. To accommodate the huge storage needs brought by the upcoming Web3, including DeFi, NFT, GameFi, SocialFi, Metaverse, and privacy and distributed computing, is applicable to all application scenarios with a high demand for distributed data storage, thus ensuring data security and reliability of these Web3 applications.

Features of

1. One-click link to Metamask wallet — Ordinary users can easily store files onto the decentralized network

The primary function of is to reduce the difficulty of storing trusted data distributedly in Web3. In addition to providing SDK tools for developers, FilSwan also designed a web page for ordinary users. Ordinary users can link to their Metamask wallet with just one click and upload the data that needs to be stored. After the payment has been finished, the storage process is completed, making the safe and reliable distributed storage easy to reach.

2. 10GB META SPACE — 10GB file storage space for free

To allow more people to better experience, we provide 10GB of free storage space for each individual. 10GB can meet the requirements of most users for the distributed storage of important data. With the iteration of, we will continue to increase the amount of free space for first time users, so that everyone can enjoy the process of experiencing the

The Impact and Significance of on the Web3 Ecosystem is a product that FilSwan has been focusing on developing in 2022. The deployment of it on the Polygon mainnet is a milestone for FilSwan.

1. Much safer and more reliable brings a more convenient and easy-to-use distributed storage service to Web3, Metaverse, and GameFi Applications in the Polygon ecosystem. For developers in the Polygon ecosystem, most of the previous decentralized applications stored the files on IPFS, which can only ensure that the data cannot be tampered with, but cannot guarantee that user data could be permanently stored in a reliable distributed network, since there is no penalty mechanism designed for the IPFS node if the node is disconnected. Through the, however, developers in the Polygon ecosystem could store their data onto the Filecoin network in a safer and more reliable way, because penalties have been set for issues such as node disconnection.

2. Much simpler and more efficient

For developers in the Polygon ecosystem, can not only solve the data storage problem, but can also complete the cross-chain data storage through the SDK tools provided by FilSwan without having to migrate the applications to the Filecoin network. Earlier on, developers had to overcome many difficulties to store data onto the Filecoin network, which invisibly increased their development costs, but now, the diffculties are easily tackled and a reliable storage can be achieved through using

At present, we are actively supporting the deployment of on the BNB Chain mainnet, so that developers in the BNB Chain ecosystem will soon be able to enjoy the functions of the

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