FilSwan Multichain Computing Networks side event at the FIL-Singapore Summit successfully ended

The FIL-Singapore Summit organized by Filecoin and Filecoin Foundation was held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from September 26 to September 27, 2022. As one of the most important conferences in the Filecoin ecosystem in the second half of 2022, the FIL-Singapore summit has attracted many distributed storage project teams.

At the summit, FilSwan held a side event themed Multichain Computing Networks from 3 PM to 7 PM on Sep 26 and discussed with guests and audience topics related to Multichain Metaverse, Web3, and Multichain Storage for cross-chain storage payments.

The event was held at Cassia 3302, Level 3 of Marina Bay Sands. Charles Cao, FilSwan Founder, and guests from Filecoin Foundation and Filecoin ecosystem attended the event. Attendees had an in-depth discussion about the current role of Web3, Filecoin storage, and the future development and possible opportunities of FilSwan’s cross-chain storage payment solution Multichain Storage.

Event Details

Community Over Cloud — — by Porter Stowell, Director of Community, Filecoin Foundation

Porter Stowell, Director of Community of Filecoin Foundation, introduced development prospects of the cloud market and pointed out the problems encountered in the development of the centralized cloud market. In addition, Porter demonstrated the application scenarios and the current achievements of the Storage Provider Community.

Multichain Computing Protocol — — by Charles Cao, FilSwan Founder

Charles Cao, FilSwan Founder, introduced the current development prospects and pain points of the computing market and proposed the implementation process of the multi-chain computing protocol. By combining FilSwan’s Multichain Storage technology, FilSwan can help realize the cross-chain invocation of storage resources, computing resources, rendering resources, and more, to meet the needs of multiple scenarios such as Metaverse, GameFi, and Web3. In addition, Charles also shared FilSwan’s recent achievements and introduced the project’s development plan.

FilSwan has been dedicated to the Web3 infrastructure construction and is the 1st project team to propose a cross-chain solution for Web3 resources. FilSwan has been incubated by Chainlink Startup and received the Filecoin and Chainlink Joint Devgrant. Moreover, FilSwan is also a member of the Binance Labs Incubation Program Season 4 and has attracted attention and investment from many institutions.

Decentralized Storage Infrastructure — — by Daniel, IT Director of Nebula Block Data

As the basic service provider of distributed storage, Daniel, IT Director of Nebula Block Data, pointed out many risks such as personal information leakage brought about by Web2 centralization and introduced the advantages of Nebula Block Data in distributed node deployment. Nebula Block provides users with services such as virtualization, AI/ML/DL, blockchain, and VR/AR/rendering. In the end, he shared Nebula Block’s global data center hardware layout and achievements with the audience.

ZK Enhanced Computing Networks — — Leo, IT Director of FogMeta

Leo, IT Director of FogMeta, first popularized the zero-knowledge proof technology and its application, shared the development status and challenges of ZK-EVM, proposed that ZK-Proof-Market and Specialized-ZK-Computing-Solutions as future development trends, and pointed out the necessity of ZK computing network development and shared the technical difficulties and development trends of the off-chain computing network supported by ZK. He said that FogMeta could now provide two ZK technical services, “computing as a service” and “privacy proof service”, as well as their application scenarios and advantages.

How to navigate the values of web3 while building innovative products? — — Redwan Meslem, Consulting Lead, Chainsafe

Redwan Meslem introduced through Chainsafe’s development history and technical achievements the direction that the project team needs to pay attention to in Web3 application development. Additionally, he shared his own experience with Web3 application innovation and the establishment of developers’ Web3 values.

DATA DAO Hackathon Recap & Achievements Sharing

During the event, FilSwan reviewed the Fil-Toronto Data DAO Hackathon held last month, displayed the achievements, and invited the project leaders of CooperDB, Afiant, ApeMiner and Storverse to introduce their works at the side event.

Below are the description of these projects:


CooperDB is a Decentralized Relational Database Management built on top of IPFS/Filecoin and FilSwan Multichain Storage. Relational databases are the most widely used database option in the development of systems and are a very powerful tool for handling data.


Afiant is a Decentralized Identifier (DID) system tool that integrates various technologies to allow the creation and maintenance of DIDs and perform other DID-related functionalities while utilizing IPFS and Filecoin both via FilSwan MCS.


ApeMiner is a first-person immersive MetaFi based on META + AR + AI technology. It narrates the story through character growth, prop collection, PVP, and “Play and Earn” to empower players to experience, creating a truly immersive Web3 interaction experience!


Storverse is a paid content platform built on SAO Network to provide customized storage and computing services integrated with Filswan MCS based on Filecoin and IPFS. It is to enhance Web3 data security and availability enabling content monetization and access management via an innovative encryption mechanism.

FilSwan Founder Charles announced the Important Milestone of FilSwan

FilSwan Founder Charles announced at the event that FilSwan’s core product, Multichain Storage, has been officially deployed on the Polygon mainnet. The deployment indicates that the era of cross-chain storage and payment is about to come. The deployment of Multichain Storage on the Polygon mainnet is a milestone for FilSwan, and also plays a role in promoting the real data storage of the Filecoin network and the development of Web3.

Moreover, Charles introduced the layout and vision of FilSwan in cross-chain resource services and displayed to the audience the global nodes of Swan Web3 Suit and FilSwan.

Multichain Storage is the underlying key data storage solution developed by FilSwan for Web3 and the multi-chain metaverse ecosystem. Compared with other storage solutions, the biggest feature of Multichain Storage is that user data can be stored on the Filecoin network across different chains. For ordinary users and DApp developers, it is difficult to store data onto the Filecoin network. Because in this process, developers need to solve many issues such as the underlying interface and storage provider deal. However, FilSwan could help you simplify the process through our Multichain Storage and could lower the storage requirements at the same time.

At the end of the session, Charles noted that FilSwan will give a monthly 10GB of free storage space to every user to help them store and transfer data smoothly.

Panel Discussion: Token Incentive in Web3 Networks

A panel discussion around Token Incentive in Web3 Networks was held on at the side event. Charles, Founder of FilSwan, Clara Tsao, Founding Director of Filecoin Foundation, Hidde, Co-founder of Dcent, Jademont, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Waterdrip Capital, and Elaine, Investment Director of Waterdrip Capital joined in this panel discussion.

The formulation principles of the token economic model, and how to avoid a downward spiral of the Flywheel Effect were discussed in the panel discussion. Opinions were exchanged on the main topic. Clara Tsao, Founding Director of the Filecoin Foundation, shared her views on the FIP0036 community proposal. And Charles, FilSwan Founder, shared his experience with the audience and things that should be focused on when designing the token economy model from an entrepreneur’s view. Through the panel discussion, the audience could have a deeper understanding of Web3 projects and Token economic model.


At the event, guest speakers introduced distributed storage and computing, Web3 resource cross-chain, infrastructure, project results, and the Token incentive model through sharing cutting-edge technology updates, displaying achievement and industrial layout, exchanging views, and more. Through the sharing of the guests, we become enlightened in the development prospects of Web3 and distributed storage and computing, and are more confident in the future of blockchain.

Thanks to Filecoin Foundation, Protocol Labs, ChainSafe, Dcent, Waterdrip Capital, Nebula Block Data, and FogMeta for their support of this event. See you next time!

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