Today is the last day of 2022, a good moment to wish all the readers a Happy New Year! Let it be full of joy, health and prosperity!

December has been a very busy month for FilSwan. We had good progress on both the marketing and product development!

Marketing Progress

  1. FilSwan has integrated Pocket Network’s service, accessing RPC service for thirteen blockchains, to provide easy, fast, and reliable storage solutions. Read more
  2. Nine of the AMA winners from the Chainlink community can now claim their exclusively designed PoP NFTs. FilSwan marketing team created an NFT for each winner with the AI designing tool. Read more
  3. FilSwan engaged Numen Cyber Technology to review the smart contract implementation. Numen’s support and suggestions helped FilSwan get long-term stability and prevent early attacks. To read more about the audit report, please click here.
  4. Two “Thursday special offer” events were held in December. Over 100 storage providers joined the events and placed open bid prices for the tasks through the newly launched “Swan Flash Task” function. 50TB of verified data was sent to the winners. Read more
  5. Lagrange DAO, a FilSwan incubated project, won second place among 46 projects in the pilot round of the Space Warp Impact Evaluator voting. Builders and a group of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) voted on the projects they believe are most valuable in building with the Filecoin Virtual Machine.

Product Progress


The product launched a bucket storage feature:

a. Users can drag and drop sub-buckets while uploading files

b. The breakpoint resume feature is supported while uploading a large file.

c. The SDK for the Bucket feature is updated

d. Multiple buckets are supported in the new release.

My files feature also has exciting updates:

a. API Key: Developers can use API Key to log in while using SDK

b. The download speed from IPFS Gateway is optimized

2. Swan Client

a. Users can now create manual-bid tasks on the swan platform and send deals to the storage providers directly. Read more

b. Swan Client provides free RPC services. Users can deploy an RPC service from thirteen blockchains and use the RPC command service, supported by POKT RPClist. Read more

c. Lotus and Boost are supported in the auto deal sender service

d. API for main features, e.g. car file generator, IPFS Gateway file uploading, send auto-bid tasks, etc.

3. Swan Provider

a. The latest version support real-time multi-path data reading and task importing. Read more

b. Integrate Boost in the auto task importing feature, which will be ready in the next release.

c. Pocket Network RPC market feature is under testing and will be ready soon.

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