FilSwan Founder Charles Cao Attended the Panel Discussion of Fil+ at the Fil-Lisbon Conference

The FIL-Lisbon Conference organized by the Filecoin Foundation was held in Lisbon, Portugal from October 30th to November 4th. As part of the Lisbon Blockchain Month 2022, this conference attracted a large number of blockchain media, projects, BUIDLers, and members of the Filecoin ecosystem to discuss the development and opportunities of distributed storage. Filecoin Founder Juan Benet and FilSwan Founder Charles attended the conference.

Throughout the Fil-Lisbon week, talks, meetups, workshops, hackathons & happy hours with music and fun across the city were hosted. Attendees were taken through the Filecoin world of FVM, NFTs, the metaverse, and beyond.

Charles Cao, Founder of FilSwan, participated in the panel discussion on the theme of “Fil+ And the Meaning of Social Trust”.

Charles shares FilSwan’s progress and achievements in the second half of 22′

During the panel discussion, Charles introduced and shared the progress and achievements of FilSwan in the second half of 2022. In July this year, FilSwan and the Filecoin Foundation held the Fil-Toronto Summit in Toronto, Canada, and hosted the Data DAO Hackathon in August, which attracted many outstanding projects from the Filecoin ecosystem.

In September, FilSwan’s cross-chain storage product was officially deployed on the Polygon mainnet. offers users 10GB of FREE storage per month. On September 26th, FilSwan attended the Fil-Singapore Summit and held a side event on the theme of Multichain Computing Networks.

Recently, FilSwan integrated Chainlink Price Feeds, which will help provide FilSwan users with globally accurate fair market rates when paying for multi-chain storage. Additionally, FilSwan has started working on providing support for BNB Chain users and developers to store their data onto the Filecoin network by using And in the near future, will support cross-chain storage services on more mainstream public chains such as Arbitrum, Aptos, and Sui, creating more convenient and secure data storage tools for Web3 decentralized applications. is one of Filecoin’s representative applications for storing real data. Users and Web3 DApp developers can store valuable data from other public chains to the Filecoin network through It reduces the storage cost of users, ensures that the data is distributedly and safely stored. This is a big improvement for the Web3 Metaverse and GameFi ecosystem. — Charles Cao, FilSwan Founder

FilSwan as Fil Plus notary

Fil Plus was proposed in 2020, and the first batch of notaries was selected in January 2021. The original intention of Fil Plus was to encourage storage service providers to store real data. 10 times the block reward or amount of FIL tokens will be given to them. And Fil Plus notaries are responsible for allocating DataCap to clients with valuable storage use cases.

Charles believes that the essence of Fil Plus is to incentivize people to use Filecoin to store valuable data. By continuously developing and perfecting the underlying tools and products, FilSwan provides real data storage solutions for both Web2 and Web3 users, DApp developers, AI computing, and edge computing, as well as other fields and directions, helping people to use Filecoin to store valuable data with ease.

Until now, FilSwan has been elected as a Fil Plus notary twice. FilSwan highly recognizes the significant role played by notaries in promoting Filecoin’s real data storage and has been actively participating in the review of real data projects. At the same time, FilSwan has also cooperated with many projects, research institutes, universities, and more, and strives to promote the storage and application of valuable data, and the development of Fil Plus.

FilSwan has sophisticated tools for boosting real data storage. More and more users have started to use a series of FilSwan tools, and many storage providers have begun to utilize our platform. Moreover, FilSwan has worked with some well-known universities and research institutes on preserving valuable data, including the data storage of the 3000 Rice Genomes Project, and research data of Waymo Open Dataset.

The Data Dao Hackathon held by FilSwan in August this year attracted more Web3 developers to choose Filecoin as their preferred storage solution. And has been officially deployed on the Polygon mainnet, which will attract more applications in the Polygon ecosystem to use to store real data onto the Filecoin network. These will further enhance the market’s application and demand for real data in the future.

In fact, the expansion of real data application scenarios is not only an incentive for storage service providers but also promotes the healthy development of the Filecoin ecosystem. More and more real data will be stored on Filecoin through This will further enhance the influence of Filecoin as a leading project in distributed storage.

FilSwan’s products

Except for, FilSwan has developed many other tools. For example, FS3, a tool compatible with Amazon’s cloud storage S3, enables big data users to easily migrate data to the Filecoin network, effectively reducing storage costs. Swan Client, an easy-to-use tool for users to send storage deals. Swan Platform, as a “dispatching center” developed by FilSwan, can complete the matching of deals with storage service providers and find high-quality storage nodes for users. And Swan Provider will help storage service providers to import deals more conveniently and quickly.

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