Key Takeaways

FilSwan Founder Charles Cao Attended the Panel Discussion of Fil+ at the Fil-Lisbon Conference

From October 24th to November 4th, Filecoin held a series of conferences and activities such as Lab Week 2022, Fil-Lisbon, IPFS Camp, Lotus, Data Onboarding & Friends Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. Charles Cao, FilSwan Founder, participated in the panel discussion of Fil+ at the Fil-Lisbon Conference.

During the panel discussion, Charles reviewed FilSwan’s efforts in the second half of 2022, including the deployment of on the Polygon mainnet, and the integration with Chainlink Price Feeds. In addition, FilSwan also hosted the Fil-Toronto Summit and the DATA DAO Hackathon, updated and iterated our products, including Swan Client, Swan Provider and Swan Platform, which has been attracting more users and storage providers.

Charles emphasized the key role of DataCap in Filecoin’s real data storage and reviewed the achievements FilSwan has made to promote real data storage during the two Fil+ notary terms, including providing real data storage services and dataset services for scientific research institutes, and beyond. FilSwan will continue to work on promoting the development of applications and tools for storing real data in various scenarios, said Charles.

Three FilSwan Products were Selected into the FILECOIN DATA ONBOARDING Recommended List

Recently, Filecoin Data Onboarding, the official storage platform website of Filecoin, released a recommended list of storage tools. FilSwan’s three major tools,, FilSwan Client Portal (Swan Client) and FS3, were officially selected, becoming one of the projects with the most selected products.

The selection of FilSwan’s three major products further proves FilSwan’s contribution and efforts in the field of distributed storage. The tools FilSwan provides reduce the difficulty data storage difficulty and provide the public with more simple and easy-to-use distributed storage services.

Technical Progress

Swan Client v2.0.0 was Released!

FilSwan has recently updated the Swan Client to v2.0.0 according to the community feedback and our planning. We have add some useful features in the new version.

New Features

Besides, we have fixed some bugs and made improvements. Click here for more detailed information of Swan Client v2.0.0.

NFT ERC-1155 is now Live on!

ERC-1155 is a new NFT token contract with obvious advantages in GameFi, Metaverse and more scenarios compared with ERC-721. It has been gradually adopted by more users. FilSwan, also adopted the contract on web client and now supports users to mint ERC-1155 NFTs.

The ERC-1155 NFT minting requires no additional operations. The newly minted ERC-1155 NFTs could be found in the “SWAN NFT”collection, and the previously minted are still palced in the “MCS NFT V2”ccollection. Users can trade both of the NFTs at any time.

FilSwan Updated JS

At present, there are mainly two SDKs in, js-mcs-sdk and python-mcs-sdk. FilSwan has recently updated both to js-mcs-sdk v2.5.2 and python-mcs-sdk v0.1.3.

Here are the great new features:

  1. Added authentication features for user 2-step verification
  2. Support the generation of ERC-1155 NFT
  3. Adoption of Chainlink price feed to get the precise exchange rate (USDC-FIL)
  4. UI optimization for a smoother experience
  5. Statistics update for increased transparency

Some Functions and Services Upgraded and Maintained

To provide better a user experiencce, FilSwan upgraded key codes for the ecosystem products on October 27th and 29th.

During the maintenance, some services and functions were temporarily unavailable. FilSwan has made advance notice of this maintenance on Twitter and other channels. The maintainance details are as follows:

On October 27, there was a 9-hour downtime maintenance of, FilSwan Launch Console, FS3, Swan Client, and Swan Provider. And on October 30th, an 8-hour maintainance of was also completed.

Other Features under Development

  • Meta Space
  • NFT collection
  • Support BNB Chain (under Testnet test)
  • Ecosystem dashboard

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