Marketing Progress

  1. FilSwan disclosed the fundraising of three million US dollars and depicted the outlook for future development. For details, please refer to the blog.

  1. In the AFFLUX Demo Day sponsored by OKX, FilSwan presented solution in the Web3 infrastructure session.

  1. The weekly “Swan Flash Task Event” attracts global storage providers every Thursday. As a result, a total of 80TB of data storage has been sent to task bid winners.
  1. Sponsored by Filecoin Orbit and hosted by FilSwan, the FilSwan Data DAO Night: FVM Introduction meetup was successfully held in Toronto on January 20. The development prospects of FVM were discussed and the use of FVM API was demonstrated to more than 20 developers who attended the event.
FilSwan Data DAO Night: FVM Introduction
  1. FilSwan is officially joining the Chainlink BUILD Program. As a part of BUILD, we aim to accelerate the adoption of FilSwan’s cross-chain decentralized storage and compute solution by gaining enhanced access to Chainlink’s industry-leading oracle services, technical expertise, and community support.

Product Progress

  • We upgraded python-mcs-sdk. Bucket Storage function has a better user experience when build with related SDKs. The parameters and usage methods of multiple functions have also been optimized.
  • Users can create their own NFT Collection and mint files into it through platform very soon, the function design is completed and under testing.
  • ACL function will be ready soon. Through ACL, users will get a control panel to track usage and set permissions.

Swan Client

  • The rpc-api function which supports 13 public chains is ready. Have a check on the new function here
  • The sc-demo is ready. Developers can quickly integrate Swan Client by following this demo.

Swan Provider

  • The first version of the health check script was released to help users quickly locate problems.

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