Happy new year! This is the first bi-week update in 2023. FilSwan strives to provide better and more powerful Web3 cross-chain tools in the new year! The following is our progress on both marketing and product development!


  1. Thursday’s special offer – “Swan Flash Task” events are ongoing and hot every week. 70TB of verified data was sent to the storage provider winners.
  2. January 6th, FilSwan attended the BNB Grant DAO live demo and introduced the new bucket API function to more than 2000 audiences. Watch the video here.
  3. January 9th, FilSwan founder Charles Cao attended Waterdrip Web3 Entrepreneurship Program as a guest speaker. Listen to the recordings here.
  4. Web3Cloud announced a strategic partnership with FilSwan, and its IChill video social platform has used’s Bucket API for file storage and backup, bringing users a more reliable and smooth product experience. Read more
  5. FilSwan has compiled a list of significant events in 2022. In 2023, we will launch more user-friendly and powerful Web3 cross-chain products. Read More


A new version of bucket SDK for Python, JavaScript, and Go has been released.

Swan Client

The new release, v2.1.0-rc1, provides many new features:

  1. All clients can create manual-bid tasks
  2. Support to send deals using two Market Version 1.1(Lotus) and 1.2(Boost)
  3. Add the wallet command
  4. Config the public blockchain RPC endpoints with a JSON file so that users can add their own RPC endpoints

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Swan Provider

The new release, v2.1.0-rc1, provides upgrades as below:

  1. Support storage providers to import deals from multiple directories and import deals by using market_version = 1.2(Boost).
  2. Enables storage providers to config their ask using the set-ask command
  3. Set SWAN_PATH by the environment variable 

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