Key Takeaways

Marketing Progress

1. FilSwan held a side event during Fil-Singapore Summit

The Fil-Singapore Summit organized by Filecoin and Filecoin Foundation was held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from September 26th to 27th.

FilSwan attended the summit and held a side event themed “Multichain Computing Networks” at the venue on the 26th from 3 PM to 7 PM.

Guests from Filecoin Foundation, Chainsafe, Dcent, Waterdrip Capital, Nebula Block Data, FogMeta, and winners of the Data DAO Hackathon attended the event. Charles, FilSwan Founder, gave a speech on “Multichain Computing Protocol”, reviewed the Fil-Toronto Data DAO Hackathon at the event, and also announced the official deployment of on the Polygon mainnet. A 10 GB of free storage space per month will be provided to all users, Charles said.

Moreover, a panel discussion around Token Incentive in Web3 Networks was held on at the side event. Guests discussed topics of concern such as the formulation principles of the token economic model and how to avoid a downward spiral of the Flywheel Effect.

At the Multichain Computing Networks side event, technology was shared, achievements were displayed, and industrial layouts and topics of concern were discussed. The summit has attracted many Web3 enthusiasts and newcomers, further strengthening people’s understanding of FilSwan and

2. FilSwan participated in the Web3 Scholarship Program Kick-Off Party held by Waterdrip Capital and shared the technology of

After the Fil-Singapore Summit, FilSwan also participated in the Token2049 conference. Charles attended the Web3 Scholarship Program Kick-Off Party organized by Waterdrip Capital. He introduced the technology of to all attendees, and also exchanged ideas with many DApp projects in terms of technology cooperation and other aspects. The event promoted FilSwan’s market development and will further expand the adoption of in Web application scenarios.

3. FilSwan attended SmartCon 2022 in New York and co-hosted the NYC Yacht Party during SmartCon2022

The Chainlink SmartCon 2022 was held in New York from September 28 to 29. On the occasion of Chainlink Smart Con 2022, Ape Miner and Filswan co-sponsored, StartUp with Chainlink and Isotop co-hosted, and Getaverse, Conflux Network, Bitpush, DeFiDAO, Youth Startup co-organized a yacht party with NFT, MetaFi and decentralized storage as the theme.

At the yacht party, FilSwan introduced and recent technological development progress to all friends and held a roundtable discussion with multiple project partners.

Technical Progress

1. integrates Chainlink Price Feeds on Polygon

FilSwan’s cross-chain storage product,, integrated Chainlink Price Feeds on the Polygon chain on October 6. Chainlink Price Feeds provides accurate and time-sensitive market data when swapping tokens for cross-chain storage. And USDC payment for Filecoin storage is supported when using

FilSwan also helps operate the Chainlink Network by running a Chainlink node. The platform also uses Chainlink External Adapters to help provide users with additional protection against data loss. The cooperation provides better solutions for Web3 distributed storage and will further promote the development of blockchain applications.

2. Go-Swan-Provider 2.0.0 is Released!

FilSwan has recently released the official version of Go-Swan-Provider 2.0.0. The new features are as follows.

New features

1️. Aria2: delete the useless CAR file automatically (filswan/go-swan-provider#156)

  • new config, [aria2].aria2_auto_delete_car_file=true, can help you delete the CAR file after the deal becomes StorageDealActive or StorageDealError, default: false.

2. Aria2: Config for parallel download counts (filswan/go-swan-provider#167)

  • new config, [aria2].aria2_max_downloading_tasks=10, can limit the number of concurrent download tasks using Aria2 and make full use of the bandwidth resources of the local node.

3. Aria2: Automatically skip downloading existing CAR files, which means that users can prepare the CAR files in advance, and then send and accept deals. Therefore the automation of offline deals could be realized.

Moreover, there are also improvements made and bugs fixed in the 2.0.0 version. You are welcome to check and use it.

For detailed information, please refer to:

You are welcome to update and experience the new version! Your feedback is of great value to us. Please contact us or leave your message on FilSwan’s Discord or Telegram if you have any questions.

3. Development progress of Metaspace

Metaspace is a new function developed by FilSwan for It allows users to create “buckets” for storing multiple files, and provides users with a certain amount of free storage space. The stored files will be automatically uploaded to IPFS, and the “buckets” will be backed up to Filecoin. The function is currently under development, please stay tuned.

4. Development progress of Ecosystem Dashboard

In order to better monitor various data of on the Filecoin chain, FilSwan has developed a “ Ecosystem Dashboard”, which is currently under improvement and is expected to be completed soon.

5. Wallet authentication optimization of

The technical team has recently optimized the wallet authentication mechanism to prevent personal information been viewed by others and improve the security of The optimization has now been completed. ensures the security of user assets and files through a variety of measures, providing you with a safe data storage service.

6. “js-mcs-sdk v2.5.1” updates

New features:

  • Adding authentication features for user verification
  • Adopting Chainlink Price Feeds to get the precise exchange rate (USDC-FIL)
  • Network detection via RPC URL
  • No longer use new mcsSDK , instead, use await mcsSDK.initialize

For more details, please refer to

Moreover, there are some other feature developments, such as the functional testing of on the BNB testnet, etc. We will announce important progress at an appropriate time. Stay updated on the latest from FilSwan!

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