FilSwan April 2023 Monthly Report

Marketing Progress

  • On April 6th, Chainlink announced its latest 25 BUILD Program members, and FilSwan is one of the 25 members selected. Being part of the Chainlink BUILD, FilSwan will have priority access to the latest Chainlink services, and get active support and special technical support from the ecosystem community.
  • On April 6, 13, 20, and 27, the “Swan Flash Task Thursday Bidding Event” was held as scheduled, and multiple storage providers participated in the task bidding. Currently, a total of 200 TB of data storage has been sent to task bid winners.

Product Progress

  • The Pricing page is now available, and users can view the pricing of now;
  • Known bugs have been fixed, improving user experience.

FilSwan Platform

  • Optimized the task filtering conditions, allowing users to quickly find corresponding tasks through filters;
  • Optimized the handling logic for multiple selections, enabling users to quickly modify tasks in batches.

Swan Provider

  • v2.2.0 has been released, upgraded to Boost v1.7.0, and is compatible with Filecoin Network v19 and v20;
  • Added health check function in running Boost to prevent abnormal deal status updates caused by slow Boost startup;
  • Added the function of reporting the current deal-importing method (Market Version) by storage providers;
  • Added reporting the on-chain ID of data deals (dealID) by storage providers, which helps update and confirm the final on-chain deal status.

Swan Client

  • v2.2.0 has been released, upgraded to Boost v1.7.0 and is compatible with Filecoin Network v19 and v20;
  • Optimized the issue of failed deals placement due to network jitter on the client side, added a retry mechanism to improve the success rate of deal placement, and enhanced the user experience.

Meta Client Service & SDK

  • Optimized the update logic of Meta Service data block deal status, which can accurately determine the final status of deals based on the on-chain dealID, ensuring the accuracy of the deal status;
  • The SDK now includes a feature to back up the entire IPFS node.

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