FilSwan announces strategic partnership with Knoknok

We are glad to announce a new strategic partnership with Knoknok to co-build an open socialfi platform for Web3 users.

Knoknok is a socialfi and gamefi platform where users can build their own Web3.0 social network, buy and trade NFTs, and monetize social and gaming experiences to earn tokens.

FilSwan is a layer-2 cross-chain solution that helps Web3 projects to integrate data, computing, storage, and payment into one suite. FilSwan realizes the multi-chain storage of Web3 data through the cross-chain payment solution — MCS, thus solving the problem of decentralized storage of Web3 application data, and ensuring the security of Web3 data. MCS is a bridge between DApps and long-term storage networks in Web3. With its smooth and efficient multi-chain storage experience, MCS has become the preferred storage solution for DApps in various ecosystems. It could be applied in multiple scenarios including private computing networks, distributed computing networks, NFT, GameFi, SocialFi, Metaverse, and others.

As part of the collaboration, FilSwan will provide decentralized data storage and edge computing technology for Knoknok, and offer tech advisory services in the areas of multi-chain storage, IPFS technology and other blockchain infrastructure. FilSwan and Knoknok will jointly explore innovative approaches for social applications based on decentralized technology.

About Knoknok

Knoknok is a multi-chain SocialFi and GameFi platform where users can build their own Web3.0 network, buy and trade NFTs, monetize social and gaming experiences, such as creating social rooms for chatting, live streaming, playing mini-games with each other, and earn KKC tokens — the main utility token of the Knoknok ecosystem. Our vision is to create the largest Web3 social gaming platform for mass adoption of crypto native and traditional users. Introducing a social-to-earn mechanism to build a truly decentralized open platform for social apps.




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