FilSwan 2022 Recap

The positive trend since the previous report was continued by FilSwan during another active session. We continued to use our Twitter, Medium, and Blog to enhance visibility and highlight our capacity to offer multi-chain solutions with all the partners to increase FilSwan’s brand awareness in the developer communities.


FilSwan had a successful year and our achievements this year were enough to prove that. Below are the key metrics we used in comparing and tracking our performance:

• 7k+ deals/day made on the FilSwan platform at monthly peak time

• 18PB data transferred by the FilSwan platform since the platform launched

• Swan provider served 190+ storage providers

• 8300+ users/wallets registered on product

• More than 10K CIDs were generated on IPFS by product


In the year, we held some notable events. Below are the events: 

✓In May, we had a presentation, Fil Austin: Community-driven Data DAO.

✓In July, we had a FIL-Toronto Summit held in Toronto.

✓In August, we held a 4-week DATA DAO Hackathon in which 121 people registered, 71 projects were submitted, and there were 11 outstanding winning projects. 

✓In September, we held a side event themed ‘FilSwan Multichain Computing Networks in Fil-Singapore.

✓Also in September, we held the official side event Chainlink Smart Con 2022 in New York City with the theme ‘NFT and MetaFi storage night’.

✓Lastly, in November, we held the event; Fil- Lisbon: Panelist of Fil Plus – notary and community governance.


In 2022, we had quite some collaborations and co-marketing with some platforms. They are: 

✓Filecoin: Orbit Ambassador

✓Filecoin: FilSwan’s three major products,, Swan Client Portal and FS3 are officially recommended as the  Data onboarding tool.

✓Chainlink: Co-marketing article FilSwan Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds To Help Secure Multi-Chain Storage Payments, whose tweet got 300+ likes.

✓Chainlink: Special event with FilSwan, “Connected Smart Contract” AMA in the Chainlink community.

✓Pocket Network: Pocket Network Accelerated FilSwan’s Multichain Strategy.


✓Bucket functions released with 30GB of free storage to users.

✓FilSwan engaged Numen Cyber Technology to review the smart contract implementation. Numen’s support and suggestions helped FilSwan get long-term stability and prevent early attacks. 

✓Lagrange DAO, a newly incubated project, kicked off at the ETHGlobal – Hack FEVM summit. It’s a new milestone for us to provide computing products to the community shortly. Moreover, it won second place among 46 projects in the Space Warp Impact Evaluator pilot round voting on the valuable projects built with the Filecoin Virtual Machine. 

We believe 2023 will be an exciting year. As a Filecoin Virtual Machine early builder team, we plan to hold a meet-up and hack day in the first two months to introduce the FVM to the Web3 community. 

Concerning the Lagrange project, it will be ready for the testnet in Q1 2023. In Q2, we will launch the NFT event globally, especially in the North American and Southeast Asia communities. In Q3 and Q4, we plan to bring more storage and computing solutions for our users.

We are so excited about the coming year, and we plan to bring even more amazing things to the web3 world.

We will make 2023 an amazing year for our project!!